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Sepand Asa Marine Services Company has various department which includes:

- Management & Planning

- Operation

- Technical

- Personnel

- Supply

- Administrative/Financial

1.  Management & Planning:

This section has the responsibility of preparing manuals for accurate manning and management of Vessels according to IMO rules.

2.  Operation:

This part with employing of experienced Marine officers & in regards to manuals which had prepared in management section has the responsibility of manning and management of vessels.

3.  Technical:

The responsibility of all the repairs & maintenance of equipment & Machinery of vessels is with this section.

4.  Personnel:

Choosing of experienced crews for vessels is the responsibility of this Section.

5.  Supply:

This section has the responsibility of preparing & distribution of requirement of vessels like provision and etc.

6.  Administrative/Financial:

This part has the responsibility of all the correspondence & financial Matters.

Key Capabilities

- Manning & Management of vessels and platform

- Preparing & transfer of water, fuel & needed spare parts of vessels & platforms

- Supplying crews of vessels & platforms personnel

- Performing Special underwater inspection with using of ROV & Side Scan Multi Beam Sonar.

- Diving operations & underwater video

- Consulting and establishing of I.S.M & P.M.S on the vessels & platforms

- Consulting and installation of vessels machinery and equipments

- Chartering of vessels for offshore projects

- Consulting and repairs of helideck till taking of certificate

- Docking of vessels in Dubai with the best quality, best time and best price with the possibility of payment in installment.  

- Port operation

- Rope access operation